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Pediatrician & Neonatologist Specialist in Greater Noida


MBBS, DCH, DNB- Paediatrics

Dr Suneel Kumar is a leading pediatrician and Neonatologist Specialist in Greater Noida. He is an experienced and council certified Pediatrician providing one – to – one care to children of all ages right from – newborn, infants, toddlers, young children upto adolescence. He firmly believes that while children may be small, but their health is a big deal & so he is dedicated to provide most updated and best care to all his patients. Dr Suneel is best general physician in greater noida associated with many prestigious government and reputed private hospitals in past, successfully treating thousands of sick newborns & children admitted to Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care.

General Pediatrics

Other specialties that care for children — Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Child Vaccination

Vaccines protect your child against serious illnesses like polio, which can cause paralysis; measles, which can cause brain swelling and blindness.

Fever Treatment

Dress your child in light clothing. Over dressing them can trap the body's heat and make the temperature go higher. Give extra fluids.

Newborn Jaundice

Newborn jaundice is a yellowing of a baby's skin and eyes. A common condition, it can occur when babies have a high level of bilirubin.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional status is an important indicator enabling diagnosis. Nutritional status is assessed using anthropometric and biochemical


Infections come in two main types: bacterial and viral. Bacterial infections are caused by bacteria. Viral infections are caused by a virus.


Childhood asthma is the same lung disease adults get, but kids often have different symptoms. Doctors also call this pediatric asthma.

Dietary Counselling

Dietary counseling can be effective in managing malnutrition, but it is often weak or absent and should be strengthened.

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