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Dr Suneel Kumar is a leading Pediatrician in Greater Noida. He is an experienced and council certified Pediatrician providing one – to – one care to children of all ages right from – newborn, infants, toddlers, young children upto adolescence. He firmly believes that while children may be small, but their health is a big deal & so he is dedicated to provide most updated and best care to all his patients. Dr kumar has been associated with many prestigious government and reputed private hospitals in past, successfully treating thousands of sick newborns & children admitted to Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care
Our Hospital is one of the Best Child hospital in Greater Noida. At our Hospital Dr Suneel Kumar is a very soft spoken and patient pediatrician as reflected in his effortless interactions with young children. To sum it up, he provides Expert Care with Gentle Hands.

Why Choose A Pediatrician Over A Regular Doctor?

Selecting a pediatrician in greater Noida to manage your child’s health care is only one of the many things you must do to get ready for the birth of your child. A paediatrician is a medical professional in charge of overseeing children’s physical, psychological, and behavioral care from infancy until age 18. The neonatologist specialist in greater Noida must adhere to frequent continuing education requirements in order to maintain their certification. Pediatricians have a medical degree and have finished a three-year paediatric residency program.

Dr. Suneel Kumar is the Best child specialist in greater Noida. Our expert paediatrician is qualified to identify and manage a wide variety of childhood disorders, from minor health issues to life-threatening conditions.

What is the role of a Pediatrician?

Every single child resembles an adult in miniature. All of their organs are extremely sensitive; therefore treating them requires extra caution and focus. When a youngster is unable to express what is wrong, the child hospital in greater Noida can examine the child and determine what the child needs in order to be healthy. The area of medicine known as paediatrics deals with newborns, babies, kids, and young adolescents. You can also look for best dietician in greater Noida for a healthy body.

Pediatricians treat children who have acute or long-term illnesses and also take preventative measures to promote healthy growth and development. They oversee the kids’ physical, mental, and emotional well. They are in every stage of growth and are both ill and in good health. You should look for Best pediatrician near me.

What does your child’s doctor do?

From birth to age 2, your kid will visit your physician frequently, and then once a year from age 2 to age 5 for “well-child visits.” After the age of five, your child’s paediatrician will probably visit them every year for checkups. When your child is ill, you should always contact your paediatrician first. A paediatrician will examine the following in a child:

  • Physical examinations
  • Give the advised vaccinations
  • Verify that your child is attaining growth, behavioural, and skill milestones.
  • Determine your child’s ailments, infections, injuries, and other health issues, and treat them.
  • Enlighten you about the requirements for your child’s health, safety, nutrition, and fitness
  • Answer your inquiries regarding the maturation and development of your child.
  • Make use of and work with a specialist

Final Thoughts

A youngster needs a lot of love and attention in addition to medications to be treated for their health. You already know that your kid hates getting shots, but the paediatrician needs to be calm and patient to manage the kid and administer the proper medication when necessary. A paediatrician must have several encounters with the parents in order to explain and help them understand a medical problem. Some of the kids are particularly difficult to speak with; not all of them are chatterboxes. They have an obligation to comprehend your child’s emotional and physical health. Additionally, the paediatrician must be someone you feel comfortable around.

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