Newborn Jaundice Treatment Greater Noida

Jaundice in newborns is extremely common, and it is usually harmless most of the time. Jaundice causes yellowing of the skin and the whites of the baby’s eyes. In most cases, it tends to go away within two weeks of the baby being born.

Around 60% of babies develop Jaundice. Around 80% of prematurely born babies develop Jaundice, those born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Hence making this the most commonly observed condition among newborns. 

Why do babies get Jaundice?

There’s a yellow substance produced in our body called bilirubin. It’s produced when our Red Blood Cells are broken down.

A newborn baby has a HIGH number of Red Blood Cells, which get broken down and replaced at a high rate. This causes a build-up in bilirubin and causes Jaundice.

An Adult’s liver usually removes the bilirubin, but a baby’s liver isn’t strong enough to do that at the same speed. The liver usually catches up within two weeks and cures the Jaundice. Dr Suneel Kumar provide world class Newborn Jaundice Treatment in Greater Noida with advanced A to Z facilities for Newborns, Children’s suffering from GI and Liver diseases. We have the team of the Best Pediatric Doctor in Greater Noida and is equipped with 24-hour emergency service to handle all types of pediatric medical and surgical emergencies.

How do you find out if your baby has Jaundice?

Medical diagnosis by healthcare professionals is the most trusted and reliable way of determining whether a newborn has Jaundice. 


Yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes is the most easily observable symptom of Jaundice. However, for babies with darker skin tones, it might get hard to distinguish this yellowing. In that case, their palms and soles of the feet can be checked for the same yellowing. 

Other commonly observed symptoms are dark yellow urine and pale-colored stool. A newborn baby usually has colorless urine. A newborn’s stool is generally yellow or orange in color. 

These symptoms are seen two days after birth and usually get better without any sort of medical intervention within two weeks of the baby being born.

Babies born in the hospital will be examined for signs of Jaundice as a part of the procedure of the newborn physical examination within 72 hours of being born. 

 If the baby is being monitored at home or born at home, it is important to get the baby checked to determine whether they need treatment for it or not. Jaundice is not a cause for concern, but determining whether treatment is necessary or not is crucial.

How do we treat Newborn Jaundice?

If diagnosis or healthcare professionals determine that treatment is necessary, only then is it needed to go through the process. Otherwise, it cures itself within two weeks. 

Only abnormally high levels of bilirubin require medical intervention since a small risk of the bilirubin passing into the brain arises. That could cause brain damage. 

Two main treatments are:

A special light is shined on the newborn’s skin which alters the bilirubin and makes it easier for the liver to break it down

The affected newborn’s blood is transfused with the blood of a matching donor. This procedure is easy as well.

Kernicterus, a form of brain damage, might happen due to Jaundice, but it has a very, very low chance of happening. It is one of the rarest forms of brain damage. 

We hope that we were able to educate you about newborn Jaundice and provide you with the information you were looking for. Please do seek the opinion of trained and licensed healthcare professionals for further information.

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